About authentic eros

authentic eros is an invitation to enter your body, to sense, to feel, to let yourself be guided by your heart, your essential values and your true desires! To speak your truth, to communicate, to be yourself! To find and to create community!

Our intention is to facilitate a deep connection between body, mind, sex and spirit. We support you to accept yourself and to let yourself be as you are – that is what we mean when we use the term "authentic". We support you to come in contact with your needs, your passion and your resources and to proudly take your place inside the larger culture - to live from your deepest longing, to own your gifts and to share them with the world.

We draw from various cutting edge disciplines concerned with embodiment, psychology, sexuality and teach heart-centered relational skills around intimacy and communication. We support a lively and nourishing connection to the larger whole through body-centered spiritual practice. 

For that purpose the Authentic Eros Team (an international group of gifted teachers, therapists and healers) offers a variety of gatherings, workshops, trainings and individual sessions (currently in Western Europe and the United States).

authentic eros was founded 2003 by Kai Ehrhardt, emerged from a gay context and through various schools and collaborations. By asking the question: “What is Eros?”, we cast an arch from the body to sexuality, to gender and community all the way to the wider dynamics within the web of life. We are delighted that you have come to this site and invite you to dive in further, ask questions or to simply come to an event. It will be worth it!