Authentic Eros
Zürichwith Kai Ehrhardt

Workshops - Authentic Eros

Exploring your dynamics in love, sex and intimacy

Have you ever wondered how to connect sexual freedom with emotional fulfillment? Can you recognize your own needs and express them despite the possibility of rejection? Do you...

At Home in my Body
Berlinwith Bodhi Hunt

Workshops - At Home in my Body

An Open Floor Workshop with Bodhi

A weekend to explore our bodies as a moving landscape of embodied truth, using Open Floor resources.  We as dancers can move from fixed to fluid, grounded in our full...

Breath & Presence
Berlinwith Kai Ehrhardt

Soul of Skin - Breath & Presence

SOUL OF SKIN Touch & Massage Workshops

This weekend we learn to read the natural breath in the body of the receiver and how to work with it. Through attetntive and aware hands as well as subtle stimulations we get...

Men in Touch Special
Nürnbergwith Friedmar & Dirk

Affiliated Events - Men in Touch Special

MEN IN TOUCH Special – komm in Deine Kraft und spür deine männliche Energie in Partner- und Gruppenübungen mit neuen möglichen Erfahrungen für Dich. Zusammen erleben wir uns...

EROS - arrive -
Berlinwith Kai Ehrhardt

One Year Training - EROS arrive -

EROS - arrive -

Module 1  explores the nature of Eros as the driving principle in the personal, relational and universal stratas of your life. Through direct sourcing of your body you can...

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