Book Complete Soul-of-Skin Training
Berlinwith Authentic Eros Team

Soul of Skin - Book Complete Soul-of-Skin Training

8 Weekends or 16 days + certification

Here you can book the whole training including certification. For more flexibility, the 8 methods can also be attended individually over the course of three years to receive a...

Doetinchem - VLAM
Doetinchemwith Roef Mensink

Affiliated Events - Doetinchem VLAM

Love Lounge

The Love Lounge in Doetinchem is organized by Roef. Max. 8 people. Pre-registration necessary. Contact:  www.hartelust.org General Program: Coming together: 30 minutes Hearth...

Deep Tissue Massage
Berlinwith Marc Buscha

Soul of Skin - Deep Tissue Massage

SOUL OF SKIN Touch & Massage Workshops

Deep tissue massage focuses on stretching fascia, a three-dimensional web of connective tissue that surrounds, supports and penetrates all of the muscles, bones, nerves and...

The Core Erotic Theme
New Yorkwith Kai Ehrhardt

Workshops - The Core Erotic Theme

Uncover the scripts of your sex life

The Core Erotic Theme is a concept developed by sexologist Jack Morin. According to his findings, core erotic themes influence our sexual/intimate life. They are intelligent,...

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