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General information

Authentic Eros Immersion: Creating a new culture of relating
3 Modules over six months with a group of men.

Authentic Eros Immersion offers an opportunity to commit to a powerful transformation process, within a field of trust and permission and with the support of a group of fellow explorers.

Each gathering (module 1,2 and 3) will offer an interplay of structured exercises (content), free exploration (open space) and time for reflection and integration

Authentic Eros Immersion is for you if you are looking to:
• Commit to a deeper transformational process over a period of time.
• Explore what is holding you back from relating in the ways in which you desire.
• Learn communication skills to build conscious and fulfilling relationships.
• Get out of your head and into your body.
• Learn embodiment and breathing practices and meditation tools to support a daily practice
• Be in a space where you are fully invited to respect your own boundaries and go at your own pace.
• Fully embrace and accept yourself.
• Evaluate, reinvent or redirect your attention and focus.

Details of Modules

Module 1: I _ ARRIVING // Listening & Embracing

Self Body

The foundation for relating to others begins with our ability to be intimate and relate to ourselves, and so our journey begins with an enquiry into our own sense of self, cultivating our ability to be present with ourselves. We learn to honour ourselves in our own humanness, our vulnerability and history, and hold this with compassion, becoming our own most cherished, beloveds.

We dive into our relationship with our bodies, using breath, bodywork, movement and dance to awaken them and their ability to inform and guide us, and cultivating our sense of being at home within ourselves.

We explore our ability to feel into and express our boundaries - what is right and not right for us - and how to connect with and navigate our impulses and desires. We practice increasing our capacity for witnessing ourselves and for self-reflection, for feeling the spectrum of our emotions and learning how to embrace them.

We enquire into how our relationship to pleasure and sexuality can inform and enrich all other aspects of our lives, exploring what might hold us back from experiencing the fulfillment we wish for.

OUTCOME: I become intimate with a wider spectrum of my experience. I know how to integrate rejected parts of myself and embrace self-love as the foundation for all my relationships. I am in contact with my inner guidance and purpose.

Module 2: YOU _ RELATING // Deepening & Nurturing


​After cultivating our connection with ourselves in module 1, module 2 invites us to explore the world of relating to others: who are we in relationship to others and how do we cultivate nourishing and healthy relationships? As the world evolves, how are relationships changing and what is the function and potential of them in this new culture we wish to be part of creating?

As we enter the realms of relating to others, we become even more intimate with our needs, explore our feelings around closeness and distance, attachment and love, looking at how our models of love and bonding as children, influenced our ways of relating now.

We enquire into the depths of our core erotic themes and what they reveal about us and our attitudes towards intimacy, love, family and gender.

We practice communicating honestly and transparently with others, learning how to work with triggers and projections, as we take responsibility for the parts of ourselves that we have rejected, using conscious relating as pathways towards moving into wholeness and sovereignty.

OUTCOME: I communicate clearly and honestly. I see how the relationships in my life are mirrors.
Knowing that obstacles provide opportunities to grow, my life becomes richer.I recognize when I get triggered and can choose consciously.


MODULE 3: WE _ WE _ MATURING // Harvesting & Surrendering

New Culture
Care Gender

What is the role of community in a new culture, and how do I experience myself and relate to others from a place of feeling part of a greater whole, tapping into my interdependence with life?

In our final module, we dive further into our experience of ‘we-consciousness’, asking ourselves what our place is in community and what our unique way of being in service is.

We explore our capacity to initiate or contribute as we experiment with community-leadership and principles of self-organisation.

Our sexual and our gender identities - co-shaped by our cultural/social upbringing - inform much of how we are moving in the world, what we take for granted, what we experience as struggles and what unconscious power dynamics and gender roles we might be involved in.

Taking a closer look at where we are within these dynamics can lend strength to our core identity while expanding our interest in and compassion for others, thus fostering a new culture.

OUTCOME: I experience myself as part of the whole. I can open to receive communal support as well as offer my skills to serve community. I trust my inherent gifts and creativity.


Content, Open Space & Integration

Throughout the modules, there is an interweaving of Content, Open Space & Integration:

• Various styles of Bodywork
• Embodiment & Breath
• Conscious Touch
• Witnessing Rituals
• Communication Exercises & Sharing Circles
• Constellation Work
• Work with Desires and Boundaries

Open Space
One of the aspects central to Authentic Eros is the combination of structured guidance with Open Space. Open Space is the possibility to harness the safe container we have created together, to follow our own creative impulses and flow.

Our time together becomes a living microcosm of the macrocosm - where we can practice working with our edge, try new ways of relating and follow our curiosity and the compass of our desire.
We learn not just by doing, but reflecting on our doing and processing our experiences in ways that allow us to understand its significance and its lessons. We create time throughout for self-enquiry and reflection - through journaling, sharing in smaller groups and as a whole group.

• Where is my edge that feels like it offers room for movement or expansion?
• What patterns have I become aware of that hold me back or prevent me from feeling ease within myself?
• How does transparency affect my interactions?
• What happens when I give myself more permission to be me?
• Reflection also enables us to see what the collective themes are, that are emerging in us as a group.

We have discovered that with this rhythm of Content, Open Space and Reflection - plus the times in between modules and the possibility to reunite and reflect together - we create multiple opportunities to practice embodying the wisdom and insight we have gleaned. 
This gives us a powerful possibility to create lasting transformation and change. As part of this journey, you will have a partner in between modules, who you can give and receive support from, in whatever way feels valuable for both of you.

Content, Open Space, Reflection and Integration amplify each other.

Open Space time provides an opportunity to either work with one’s own individual topics or the content from the structured exercises and material. At the same time new topics, interests, themes or issues can arise from experiences in the Open Space which then can be brought to reflection time or inspire us to bring in other or additional content.

This way we make sure we are actually addressing what is really pertinent to the members of the group and the dynamics within it and we can be spontaneous and work with whatever themes arise in the group. You are invited and encouraged to explore at your own pace and within your own boundaries.

Max 20 Participants.
The Immersion is independant of the One Year Training.

Book complete training

The Authentic Eros Immersion can only be booked and taken in its entirety.
Before registering, please send an email to kai.ehrhardt@wearevillage.org telling us who you are, where you are in your life, and what motivates you to participate in this immersion.


Module 1: 13 – 17 February 2019 (arrival possible on Feb 12th from, 18:00)

Module 2: 15 – 19 May 2019 (arrival possible on May 14th from, 18:00)

Module 3: 24. – 28. Juli 2019 (arrival possible on Juli 23th from, 18:00)


Cost of Immersion 2019 in Berlin:

Option A: Earlybird/Concession Tuition: € 1500 incl. VAT
If registered and remitted in full by July 20th, 2018

Option B: Regular Tuition: € 1800 incl. VAT
If registered and remitted in full by November 15th, 2018

Option C: Three Installment Tuition: € 650 to be paid 2 weeks before modules 1, 2 and 3 = € 1950 incl. VAT

Option D: Six Installment Tuition: € 335 to be paid 2 weeks before modules 1, 2, 3 = € 2010 incl. VAT

Accommodation & Food of the Immersion 2018/2019

Daily rate is 45,- € for the modules 1,2 and 3. This includes food and accommodation in the group room.
The fees for accommodation and food will be collected at the beginning of each module.

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