One Year Training - Five Modules - One Group

General information

Dare to love!
Align your life, sexuality and relationships with your values and desires. Connect to what’s essential. Dare to be fully present, truthful and alive in every moment.

Connect to Deeper Resources 
With this one-year training you have the opportunity to commit to a powerful transformation process within a safe and supportive environment. It assists you in creating the life you want, while adapting and responding to the accelerating change that is taking place in virtually every aspect of our culture.

What resources can assist you in navigating through current and coming changes?
Which are the best traditional and contemporary tools to support fearless opening and wholesome integration of body & soul, heart & mind and sex & spirit?
What is yet to be discovered, embodied and empowered in your life?
Who will you be when you live your deepest truth?
Who are you as a fully activated human being?

Explore Personal, Relational and Universal Eros
Living in contemporary society, we have all been exposed to distorted messages and negative conditioning around sexuality - espespecially as gay men. Love, connection, sexuality and Eros can open up a very confusing territory. Eros and sexuality for instance have become synonymous terms. However, while Eros can be expressed through sexuality, it goes far beyond sex. When our receptivity to life's breadth and depth increases, we discover that life is propelled by Eros and made of love.   

Empower Queer Leadership
Embracing ALL of who and what you are, this training also serves to empower queer community and leadership. In the past we have asked the mainstream for acceptance. Now it is time to fully claim our seat at the table and let the unique gifts and perspectives of queer tribe contribute to the culture at large. If you are looking for a male community in which to take your personal & relational, sexual & spiritual life to the next level, then this is the training for you.

1 Year - 5 Modules - 1 Group of Men

  • Module 1: EROS - initiate -
  • Module 2: RELATIONSHIPS - communicate -
  • Module 3: COMMUNITY - share
  • Module 4: POTENTIAL - expand -
  • Module 5: LOVE - surrender -

For One Year You Have The Opportunity To:

  • Commit to a deeper transformational process over a period of time

  • Explore what is holding you back from relating in the ways in which you desire
  • Connect to and trust your inner resources

  • Learn communication skills to build conscious and fulfilling relationships

  • Get out of your head and into your body
  • Learn embodiment and breathing practices as well movement meditation tools to support a daily practice

  • Be in a space where you are fully invited to respect your own boundaries and go at your own pace

  • Fully embrace and accept yourself
  • Transform habitual safety structures that have become personal obstacles
  • Discover new levels of awareness, expansion, joy, depth and healing through meditation, mindful movement, breath and sober, conscious connections

  • Evaluate, reinvent or redirect your attention and focus


General Information
All men are welcome regardless of sexual orientation or age. If you are in a relationship you can use the training for your individual process or as a couple to deepen your relationship.

Even though every module introduces a new theme, you will build on awareness and embodiment exercises, bodywork and communication skills, movement explorations, intimacy and community building activities throughout. A coaching structure inbetween the modules assists you to make the dreams and desires of your deeper life a reality, address individual challenges and build group support.

Kai will lead and support you through the modules. Prepare to be surprised! Are you curious and ready to dive deep, committing yourself to this one-year experience? If so, send an email to kai@authentic-eros.com telling us who you are, where you are in your life, and what motivates you to undertake this training.


Participants must be prepared to commit to a personal practice inbetween the modules (time devoted to yourself for embodiment, meditation and personal inquiry). It will serve as the primary foundation for the training. Any difficulty that may come up around that is very welcome and can serve as material for your process. Coaching can be provided.

Participants should have had at least one entry level experience with Authentic Eros, Body Electric School, Gay Love Spirit or any other comparable men's work.

Overview of all data

Jan. 19 2022 –Jan. 23 2022Module 1BerlinKai Ehrhardt, Michael Rolnick
Mar. 23 2022 –Mar. 27 2022Module 2BerlinKai Ehrhardt, Michael Rolnick
Jul. 12 2022 –Jul. 17 2022Module 3BarcelonaKai Ehrhardt, Michael Rolnick
Sep. 28 2022 –Oct. 2 2022Module 4BerlinKai Ehrhardt, Michael Rolnick
Dec. 6 2022 –Dec. 11 2022Module 5BerlinKai Ehrhardt, Michael Rolnick

Book complete training

We are aware that a decision to participate in a program like this is possibly a big decision. Should you have any questions or should you need a phone or video talk to find out if this is the right program for you, please dont hesitate to ask or make an appointment. If you have no further questions and want to participate please send an email to info@authentic-eros.com telling us who you are, where you are in your life, and what motivates you to undertake this training.

Cost of European Training 2022 in Berlin:

  • OPTION A. Earlybird/Concession Tuition: EUR 3.000 incl. VAT 
    If registered and remitted in full by November 30, 2021
  • OPTION B. Regular Tuition: EUR 3.550 incl. VAT 
    If registered and remitted in full by December 31st, 2021
  • OPTION C. Three Installment Tuition: EUR 3.750 incl. VAT 
    EUR 1.250 of which to be paid 2 weeks before modules 1, 2 and 3
  • OPTION D. Twelf Installment Tuition: Monthly EUR 330 incl. VAT, beginning with month of registration.

Accommodation & Food of European Training
Daily rate is 45,- Euro for the modules 1,2,4 and 5. This includes food and accommodation in the group room.
 For module 3 the training will happen in a beautiful setting in the Mediterranean. Therefore the daily rate is approx. between 100,- and 125,- Euro. 
The fees for accommodation and food have to be fully paid 7 days before each module starts.


Module 1
Berlinwith Kai Ehrhardt, Michael Rolnick

One Year Training - Module 1

EROS - initiate -

Module 1 explores the nature of Eros as the driving principle in the personal, relational and universal stratas of your life. Through direct sourcing of your body you can learn...

Module 2
Berlinwith Kai Ehrhardt, Michael Rolnick

One Year Training - Module 2

RELATIONSHIPS - communicate -

Module 2 explores the conditions that conscious partnerships require to expand into a new and powerful way of relating to serve the spiritual growth of everyone involved....

Module 3
Barcelonawith Kai Ehrhardt, Michael Rolnick

One Year Training - Module 3

COMMUNITY - share -

In  module 3  we will explore the spirit and dynamics of community. Stepping out of various forms of everyday life and awakening to the experience of an appreciative community...

Module 4
Berlinwith Kai Ehrhardt, Michael Rolnick

One Year Training - Module 4

POTENTIAL - expand -

In Module 4 you can experiment with sending your awareness into the enirety of your body and into the infinity of space. Through this kind of expansion toward the inner and the...

Module 5
Berlinwith Kai Ehrhardt, Michael Rolnick

One Year Training - Module 5

LOVE - surrender -

Module 5   explores attitudes and techniques of Sacred Intimacy, which brings unconditional acceptance, divine love and lovemaking into relationships. In parallel we enter a...