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Stretch Festival

General information

STRETCH FESTIVAL is a weekend festival for gay, bi, trans and queer men*  and people who identify somewhere on a gender-fluid male-to-non-binary spectrum. 

The festival usually takes place in the heart of Berlin three times a year. Due to Covid-19 this next edition will be held again as an online only event. Despite being physically apart, we hope the festival can be a special gift to you during these times of much hardship and uncertainty. We also hope that it can help nurture and reinvigorate so many connections we have built since 2014.

An online edition is an opportunity to make Stretch accessible in a different way - participants and facilitators can join in from around the globe.

Welcoming all bodies, skin colors, cultural backgrounds and gender identities within this larger und not-so-definable container of queer masculinities and their erotic attractions. 

Expert teachers, practitioners, therapists, healers, renegades and artists invite you to this unique virtual gathering. Let's explore a wealth of offerings drawing from bodywork, mindfulness, art, movement, sexuality, psychology, spirituality, gender, identity, ritual, performance and social engagement.

Participants can choose from over 35 workshops, experiential explorations, presentations and talks in order to explore and inspire a more soulful and playful connection to one another and to life itself.

You’ll be able to connect with people spanning the globe in our virtual safe spaces to socialize, mingle or deepen exchanges.

Use this chance to discover and explore new ways of being, to nourish your body, mind, and spirit. We look forward to welcome curious and adventurous participants. 

Stretch Festival was founded in 2014 by Kai Ehrhardt and has been curated by him since then.

Stretch Festival is an event of Village.Berlin

Overview of all data

Oct. 29 2021 –Oct. 31 20213-Tage PassBerlinKai Ehrhardt, STRETCH Festival Collective
Oct. 29 2021 –Oct. 31 20213-Day Pass ONLINEOnlineSTRETCH Festival Collective
3-Day Pass ONLINE
Onlinewith STRETCH Festival Collective

Stretch Festival - 3-Day Pass ONLINE

Connect with wonderful people in a unique atmosphere

stretchfestival.online                 Stretch is a weekend festival for GBTQ+ men, that usually takes place in the heart of Berlin three times a year....