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Here you can find our upcoming workshop and retreat schedule for 2016 / 2017 for Europe and the US.

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Nov. 25 2017 –Nov. 26 2017Authentic ErosZürichKai Ehrhardt
Nov. 25 2017 –Nov. 26 2017At Home in my BodyBerlinBodhi Hunt
Dec. 29 2017 –Jan. 1 2018Eros New Year's RetreatBerlinKai Ehrhardt, Michael Rolnick
Authentic Eros
Zürichwith Kai Ehrhardt

Workshops - Authentic Eros

Exploring your dynamics in love, sex and intimacy

Have you ever wondered how to connect sexual freedom with emotional fulfillment? Can you recognize your own needs and express them despite the possibility of rejection? Do you...

At Home in my Body
Berlinwith Bodhi Hunt

Workshops - At Home in my Body

An Open Floor Workshop with Bodhi

A weekend to explore our bodies as a moving landscape of embodied truth, using Open Floor resources.  We as dancers can move from fixed to fluid, grounded in our full...