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Authentic Eros Weekend
Amsterdamwith Kai Ehrhardt

Workshops - Authentic Eros Weekend

exploring skills in support of a deeper connection

Wanting to be intimately seen and met, sexually alive and connected springs from such a deep human need and occupies so much of our underlying

(often unconscious) motivation for action. Places to support our development, empowerment and wellbeing in this domain are rare and much needed.  

As gay/queer men we mostly pick up our cues for sex and intimacy through our surroundings: social and family norms, the media, the internet, clubs, porn, dating apps, or city environments that can be highly charged, numbing, judgmental or intoxicating. 

This workshop creates a safe and playful frame to reflect on what we actually truly want, think, feel or experience when it comes to intimacy and sex. We will put a magnifying glass over a few aspects of encounter so we can learn from one another, our habits and expand into new relational territory based on our individual needs. 

What you can expect:

Using a mixture of solo, partner and group exercises including witnessing, mirroring and self-enquiry, we will cover:

  • an opportunity to ask yourself questions about sexuality, intimacy and relationship 
  • the courage to express clearly what you feel and what you want 
  • paying attention to our actual thoughts, feelings and actions that perhaps don’t get named due to social coding or fear of failing, hurting or being abandoned
  • distinguishing what is really present from creating a story about it 
  • dealing with unfulfilled desires and the fear of rejecting/rejection
  • getting out of your head and into your body 
  • discovering the pleasure and fulfillment already present in your body 
  • developing greater presence: slowing down so you can properly read and experience the context you are in 
  • expanding your touch, listening and nonverbal skills
  • exploring counter scenarios to habits you want to transform (for instance: expressing a boundary from a place of connection, eye contact, initiating contact in a sober way, inventing rituals to supplement routine, and so on...)
  • welcoming the unknown

We can recognize more clearly what we actually do in our sex/intimate lives and invite choice. We can explore what is still helpful and in alignment with what we really value and want and what is not. We can experiment, practice and cultivate new forms of action. 

We provide a safe space where you decide how far you want to take it within the set frame. What happens in every exercise encounter is according to your choice and based on mutual consent. 

If you want to develop your capacity for intimacy, explore your edge, nourish yourself in a loving environment or simply have great time with yourself and a community of fellow explorers – than this is the right workshop for you.


Sat 10:00-18:00
Sun 10:00-17:30
Earlybird May 1
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