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Workshops - Body-Voice-Emotion

Creative Singing - Improvisation Workshop

A two days workshop to experience the joy of singing with other queer men and unleash your hidden creativity. All levels of singing
experience welcomed.

Shy people, self confessed non singers or those tagged as such by teachers, choir masters and others are encouraged to participate, to find and reclaim your own voices within a safe and respectful environment. More experience and confident musicians and singers will learn all about teamwork, vocal techniques and creative processes

Some of the elements include:
  • Moving through the space, let the body sing
  • Understanding how the vocal mechanism works, free your breath
  • How to turn your whole body into a musical instrument, free the voice, free the psyche
  • How to improvise. Learning where ideas come from, what is inspiration?
  • How to sing in harmony with others, the architectural geography of singing.
  • The art of listening where winners are losers, and losers….
  • What is the narrative of improvised singing?
  • Whose story is it, who leads and who composes it? Listening to the gods
  • Artists, performers, writers will discover how to deepen and channel their own creative process
  • These skills can be used in all walks of life, social and professional environments and help your intuition, problem solving and teamwork.
  • Improve your confidence


Sat/Sun 10:30 - 17:30
Earlybird ends 25 Feb
Kurfürstenstraße 31-32
with Ignacio JarquinLanguage EN
  • Earlybird: 135.00 EUR
  • Concession: 100.00 EUR
  • Basic: 190.00 EUR
  • Supporter: 240.00 EUR
  • Member: 135.00 EUR
Payment: Bank transfer, PayPal