Soul of Skin

Evening of Touch – Touch and Breathing
Berlinwith Jochen Stechmann

Soul of Skin - Evening of Touch – Touch and Breathing

A Soul of Skin Evening of Touch

Monthly Laboratory about Touching and being touched.

Touch Lab is a monthly event taking place on the last Thursday at Village Berlin. Each Event has a

specific theme. In a safe space, we will explore different forms of touch and how the touch effect us as giver or receiver. Each Touch Lab will focus on a specific theme.

Theme in the cold times of December is the element of Fire. We will experiment mainly on shoulders and back with Forms of touch that are playful, energetic and warming.
Gentlemen, start your engines.

Facilitator: Jochen Stechmann (Bodyworker, Heilpraktiker)


We start with guided exercises around the subject. We tune into our attention and our presence in our own body and in space. How can we listen with our hands and our skin, mindful and with empathy? There will be lots of space for improvisation and mutual touch with changing partners. In between we have moments of feedback in various constellations (couple, small group, big group), talking about and mirroring our experiences with the touch and its effects.


The workshop facilitates an inclusive and safe space for mutual, consensual, nonsexual touch.
Experience with massage is not necessary to participate.
Bring some training-clothes (or whatever you feel comfortable in).
Open for gay/bi/trans/queer male-bodied or male-identified people.
Please bring a Sheet or Towel.


We will work with forms of touch that create more space in chest, diaphragm, lungs and belly. Discover new possibilities in your conscious and unconscious breathing through touch and support. Explore and enjoy the sensations this creates in you - relaxation, connection, tranquility.


19.30 - 22.00
Kurfürstenstraße 31-32
with Jochen StechmannLanguage EN + DE
Payment: Payment at the venue