Soul of Skin

Intuitive Erotic Massage
Berlinwith Julian Martin

Soul of Skin - Intuitive Erotic Massage

SOUL OF SKIN Touch & Massage Workshops

In this workshop we focus on genital and full body touch. As a group we create a space where we feel safe and can get

close to each other in a respectful and playful way. 

We will work with breath techniques that direct, amplify sexual energy and arousal or transform it into ecstatic states of surrender. You will learn to build pleasure and spread it throughout your body. This increases your capacity for pleasure and enjoyment. We can discover a new range of possibilities regarding the use and purpose of erotic energy and what it is like to experience the whole body as an erotic, electrified event. 

Taoist Erotic Massage uses strokes that tend to differ from common ways of touching genitals. This way we can sidetrack our usual patterning around the genitals. The highlight of the weekend is a group massage ritual in which you will be erotically massaged by several men*. 

 All men* / queer masculinities / bodies / colors / abilities / backgrounds are welcome.


Saturday 10:00-18:00
Sunday 10:00-17:30
Kurfürstenstraße 31-32
with Julian MartinLanguage EN + DE
  • Basic: 240.00 EUR
Payment: Bank transfer, PayPal