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Nürnberg - Men in Touch
Nürnbergwith Friedmar & Dirk

Affiliated Events - Nürnberg Men in Touch

Love Lounge

We are men who want contact and intimacy, touch, acceptance, security, bodywork, meditation and exchange and for this we have created a possibility and a

space in Nürnberg. There is no strict program, it is the group’s unique input that makes every meeting special.
We are usually 6-12 men, sometimes more.

Friedmar and Dirk always have some suggestions for the evening on which we agree on as a group, suggestions or needs from the group are welcomed.
In our sharing round you have the opportunity to express your desires and needs.

Here are some things you can encounter at Love Lounge Nürnberg - Men in touch:
Men, time, trust, honesty, heartfulness, meditation, touch, security, relaxation, breathing, exchange, sensing, emotions, warmth, massage, talking ...
In this sense, we look forward on meeting you :-) so just sign up now.

Participation in the costs for the room is 35€.

Please bring, if possible:
a snack to share during breaks, a sheet/towel, massage oil and anything that is important to you and you wish to share with us.

Kontakt: info@menintouch.de

Registration: http://www.menintouch.de



16:30 - 21:30
Hagenstr. 9
90461 Nürnberg
with Friedmar & Dirk Language EN + DE
  • Basic: 35.00 EUR
Payment: Payment at the venue