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One Year Training

Module 2
Berlinwith Kai Ehrhardt, Michael Rolnick

One Year Training - Module 2

RELATIONSHIPS - communicate -

Module 2 explores the conditions that conscious partnerships require to relate to a system of shared values. The relationship serves the growth of those involved.

Relationships of this kind satisfy and enrich through the transparency of clear communication and boundaries. The possibility for deep intimacy arises. Transcend, yet still encompass your need for comfort, security and validation. 

  • Create a safe framework for communication & care
  • Learn to remain present and visible to your partner
  • Learn to communicate from a place of deeper compassion
  • What are the habits and “revolving doors” in your relationship life?
  • Use shadow material and conflict as resources for your growth
  • Resolve conflict without overriding your own needs
  • Become comfortable with ambiguity
  • Explore Eros’ “darker” side - The Erotic Core Theme (Jack Morin)
  • Exercises related to attachment theory

I communicate clearly and honestly. Knowing that obstacles create opportunities for growth, my life becomes richer. I recognize myself and can therefore choose more consciously. I know how to integrate rejected parts of myself.



Kurfürstenstraße 31-32
with Kai Ehrhardt, Michael RolnickLanguage EN
Payment: by application only