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One Year Training

Module 3
Lychenwith Kai Ehrhardt, Michael Rolnick

One Year Training - Module 3

COMMUNITY - share -

In module 3 we will explore the spirit and dynamics of community. Stepping out of various forms of everyday life and awakening to the experience of an
appreciative community is a reward of its own Imagine a place where your unique expression can blossom, where it is okay to be present in the moment no matter what you are feeling – where your dreams, longings and talents, your joy or your tears can all reign free. 

  • Experience the intimacy and vulnerability that arises when sharing your fears, hopes and aspirations with others
  • Empower your unique gifts as members of the gay tribe
  • Allow for your creativity and imagination
  • Earth sex rituals – celebrate Eros in the body and nature
  • Create experiences guided by your own desires
  • Be supported and support others in creating nurturing community


OUTCOME: I can open to receive communal support as well as offer my skills to serve community. I see more opportunities to engage in life as part of a larger whole. I trust my inherent gifts and creativity.


Schlüßhof Lychen
with Kai Ehrhardt, Michael RolnickLanguage EN
Payment: by application only