One Year Training

Module 4
Berlinwith Kai Ehrhardt, Michael Rolnick

One Year Training - Module 4

POTENTIAL - expand -

In Module 4 you can experiment with sending your awareness into the enirety of your body and into the infinity of space. Through this kind of expansion
toward the inner and the outer your perception shifts and with it that which appears important. You can also examine what lies at the core of your sexual motivation and play with ways of expanding or growing as a sexual being. Also, this module explores your concepts around gender and gender dynamics and you can learn to make more space for other points of view and your own.

  • Learn how to relax more deeply into the “infinity of space”
  • Every perspective is true but partial
  • Advanced Embodiment Practices
  • Bodywork Touch Practices with breath and erotic energy 
  • 6 Sexual Motivations
  • Explore integral gender dynamics
  • The Yang Feminine 

OUTCOME: I can make space for other perspectives/opinions. I can appreciate different values even if they stand in stark contrast to my own. My understanding of gender dynamics is broadened. I am confident as a man.


Kurfürstenstraße 31-32
with Kai Ehrhardt, Michael RolnickLanguage EN + DE
Payment: by application only