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One Year Training

Module 5
Berlinwith Kai Ehrhardt, Michael Rolnick

One Year Training - Module 5

LOVE - surrender -

Module 5 explores attitudes and techniques of Sacred Intimacy, which brings unconditional acceptance, divine love and lovemaking into relationships. In parallel we enter a Continuum

Movement depth process that profoundly engages your experience of being alive, bringing forth new understanding and humility toward life’s intelligence. Your sense of “Self” paradoxically sharpens and transcends by entering an omni-directional, sensory-feeling state of awareness. The nature of this state is embodied, orbital, integral and fluid, which is both empowering and ecstatic. It increases your empathic capacities while delivering the personal medicine you may need at this time of your life.


  • Embrace life’s sacred mystery
  • Contact your deepest levels of ambivalence about being alive in an unpredictable world
  • Wholeheartedly choose the life you were given
  • Sacred intimate rituals
  • Ouroborus: trusting the wisdom of life
  • Activate and receive your own “medicine”
  • Completion ceremony


OUTCOME: By surrendering to life, I stand fearless in its unpredictable unfolding. I have a place to go when I feel alone or confused, in need of connection, guidance or healing. I am a guardian of love and truth.


Kurfürstenstraße 31-32
with Kai Ehrhardt, Michael RolnickLanguage EN + DE
Payment: by application only