Queer encounters in moving bodies
Berlinwith Jochen Kleres, Steffen Taubert

Workshops - Queer encounters in moving bodies

Workshop with Elements of Dance and Biodynamic Bodywork

We like to have freedom and self-determination in our relationships on the one hand, and closeness and safety on the other. This sometimes
seems to be a contradiction, but in fact it cannot be separated from each other at all. Security can form the basis for enabling a kind of autonomy that draws its strength not from isolation, but from connectedness with others. And vice versa - only if I know my needs, if I am internally free, can I enter into a bond without losing myself in it.
How can one find a balance between the needs for closeness and autonomy? In this workshop we want to create a space to explore this question. We will use elements of dance and (biodynamic) bodywork. They enable us to relate to each other, to allow closeness, to share lightness and joy or to feel and indicate our limits. For dance and bodywork we ask you to bring comfortable clothes. Mats and blankets are available in the room.

Jochen Kleres, sociologist, currently training in dance therapy, facilitator of the Queer Contact Improvisation Lab & Jam at Village, Berlin
Steffen Taubert, psychologist, yoga-teacher, training in integrative body psychotherapy, facilitator of the meditation group at Village, Berlin


Fr: 4pm – 7pm,
Sat: 10 am – 5 pm,
Sun: 10.00 am – to 1 pm
Kurfürstenstraße 31-32
with Jochen Kleres, Steffen TaubertLanguage EN + DE
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