Respiro-Touch Weekend
Berlinwith Robert Van Ravens

Workshops - Respiro-Touch Weekend

This weekend consists of two different workshops both designed to explore and experience healing techniques in a playful and sensual way.



On Saturday, we will combine meditation, bodywork and sensual healing touch. Moving through the space on different beats and rhythms, you will encounter other men with whom you can exchange different exercises.
I will guide you and demonstrate different ways to touch with awareness that help the men touched to relax, open up, receive and enjoy within their consent and boundaries.
You will have the opportunity to explore your own healing capacities and exchange those with different partners.

The sensual healing touch will be continued throughout the weekend in several exercises to build up to the sensual healing, which is a sweet, gentle and erotic form of healing, balancing the sexual and spiritual energies and boosting your energetic system as a whole. In this massage exchange you will experience the genital mediation, a powerful and delicious form of erotic touch connecting sex with Spirit. An easy and pleasant way out of your head and into your body. Experience the beauty of helping and witnessing another man diving deep into his flow of Eros and enjoy yourself the pleasure of being guided into your body and sensing your whole body alive, sensual and vibrant.

2nd Day

On Sunday, you will be introduced to Shamanic Eros. It is based on Roberts’s spiritual background as a healer in Sacred Medicine ceremonies.
We will start the day with bodywork called Tensegrity, a series of bodily positions that will lead to enhanced awareness and renewed vitality.
These movement series, “the Magical Passes”, are known as the magical wisdom of the shamans of ancient Mexico and has been passed on by writer and anthropologist Carlos Castaneda into its present form.

Especially for his workshop Robert created the Totem meditation; an active-guided meditation in which you connect to your guides and Totem animals. This can create an empowering effect and can be an inspiration for the rest of the day or for any projects or challenges in life. We will incorporate the animals that were introduced in this meditation and use their specific qualities for healing purposes.

During this day we focus more on the Shamanic touch of Healing. Recieving herb- baths and exploring and experimenting yourself how to work with different herbs to help clean, relax or heal the subtle, energetic body. Smudging (burning herbs) another man with specific herbs or using flowers to help open the heart-chakra... All warmed up and inspired by all the previous exercises we will enter a playful and exciting game called ‘the Forest’, in which we will be working with the healing qualities of sound, herbs, flowers, water, smoke and the sensual healing touch.

We will create an enchanting forest where magic, intimacy, pleasure and healing takes place. We finish this day with the Deep Sensual Healing. You can exchange this warm, sensual healing with another man, while I guide you through it. Creating a space to deeply enjoy the loving care and attention of another man and experience conscious sexuality and sacred intimacy.

Throughout this weekend there will be enough space for reflecting and sharing.
Important ingredients in these workshops are a safe environment, the connection between Spirit and Sex, a respectful approach, and of course fun and playfulness.
No massage experience is needed


Sat 10am - 5:30pm Sun 10am - 4:30pm
Kurfürstenstraße 31-32
with Robert Van Ravens Language EN + DE
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