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a performative group inquiry

The Self Translated workshop offers a safe space for peer groups to experiment with both communal and individual authentic inquiries on the quest to find
varied introversive and extroversive ways to connect, express, feel and acknowledge. 
In our beautiful Gay culture, sexual energy is pretty dominant and can sometimes lead us to feel frustrated or unsatisfied with some aspects of our lives. Though the very same power, when directed to the right places, is what stimulates our unique creativity and increases our individual healing processes. 
In the workshop, the participants will acquire practical tools to transform sexual energy into creative energy while learning how to give ourselves the sensual healing love we genuinely need. 
Connecting to the nature of our awareness, we dive together into an intimate empowering journey, forming meaningful relations of physical understanding and emotional trust.
By forming a robust, loving base, we will attentively acknowledge each individual within the group and assist him in unlocking subconscious mental/emotional baggage, while the other group members will take an active part emancipating his deep-seated, abstract storyline.
The participants will explore various physical, sensual and spiritual states and qualities to search for varied ways to express the self and listen to the narrative of the other also when communicated in a non-verbal way. 
In a non-judgmental environment, we will create a sensitive, attentive space where one’s story can be told in an authentic and personal sign-language. 
Through talks, exercises, and guided improvisations, we will reach more profound levels of understanding what self-intimacy is and how it can be used to manifest our life goals. We will learn how to apply qualities of self-love as a medium to invite the right scenarios into our reality and how to use our authentic sensuality as a platform for our mental/spiritual/artistic growth.
The Self Translated group inquiry is an invitation to peel off some judgemental layers (occurring in everyday life or during a creative process), let go of negative thought patterns, empower our physical/mental state to attract joy and trust into our day to day routine, and expand our abilities to make authentic connections in the unfiltered matrix.
The workshop is addressed to GBTQ men who wish to get closer to themselves and others and is accessible to Deaf men by simultaneous Sign Language interpretation.


Sat/Sun 11:00-18:30
Earlybird ends 29 Apr
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30
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