Summer Depths Retreat
Lychenwith Kai Ehrhardt

Workshops - Summer Depths Retreat

Advanced Open Space Gathering

This is to invite you to our 7-day Summer Depths Retreat at Schlüßhof by the gorgeous Lake of Lychen.

We see a colorful, tribal gathering -

a charged, magical space – generated by experienced men and their mutual gift of acceptance, compassion, freedom and connectedness. Men who are curious and willing to engage on an even deeper level with themselves, with Eros, spirit, nature and a diverse community.

Let's go deeper! Through bodywork, rituals, stillness, creativity and space for discovery. Allowing yourself to listen to and follow your innermost impulses and inspirations.

Or, to experiment with what in daily life or during shorter workshops is less common or possible. What would that be for you? What is still yearning to be met or expressed inside of you? What is your soul-body longing for? And, what can we learn from each other?

Would you like to regenerate, experiment or explore your edge? What happens – for instance – if we engage in ritual or a certain practice for a longer time or throughout a whole night?

In order to accommodate in the best possible way indivual and community desires, we gather in a self-organizing Open-Space structure.

Let's explore and play together by moving, sharing, breathing, touching, resting, dreaming, being ....

Immerse in intense body-practices, silence, playful creativity and healing rituals.

Being an inspiration for each other, to nurture our bodies and soul-cravings, loving, caring, and full with passion.


Please note: Meals and accommodation are not included in the participation fee.

All meals (vegan/vegetarian) = 174€
Rooms (single or shared, either private or shared bathroom) = 270/300/330/360 (€)


Starts 9 Jul, 18:00 Ends 15 Jul, 14:00
Schlüßhof, Lychen
Schlüßhof 1
17279 Lychen
with Kai EhrhardtLanguage EN + DE
  • Concession: 100.00 EUR
  • Basic: 200.00 EUR
  • Supporter: 400.00 EUR
Payment: Bank transfer, PayPal