Facing the Mother Wound
Berlinwith Andrew G Marshall , Debby Edwards

Workshops - Facing the Mother Wound

How she colours what you feel about yourself and your expectations of others

You love your mother and you’re eternally grateful for everything she’s done for you. However, if you look deeper, the relationship gets more complicated. Perhaps

you felt responsible for her happiness or needed to make-up for her problems with your father. You could even have felt like your mother’s surrogate husband. It’s great to have a close relationship but you can be too close.

At the other end of the scale, she might have been controlling and demanding which left you feeling never quite good enough or perhaps work, depression, drink or mental health problems meant she was less available.

Whatever your relationship with your mother, it will have a profound impact on how you relate to people today. After all, she was the first person you met when you entered the world and her reactions will have coloured how you feel about yourself and your expectations of others.

Responding to demands from people who did ‘Facing the Father Wound’, for more healing work on family childhood issues, this weekend workshop is a ritual which helps you understand your mother, her impact on you today and to lay the foundations for a different relationship in the future. (This workshop is equally applicable for people who mothers are no longer alive). Over the weekend you will...

• Benefit from sharing with other sons and getting their support
• Give yourself time to reflect deeper on something seldom discussed in gay space
• Have support from two experienced therapists. (One a gay man and the other a mother of three grown up sons.)

Review from participant on Father Wound weekend: ‘It was probably one of the deepest healing workshops I have attended ( and I have attended many). It was transformative and enriching for me.’


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