Vacating the Shelter
with Jochen Kleres, Steffen Taubert

Workshops - Vacating the Shelter

Seeking Re_Connections

The lockdown and social distancing has forced us to retreat into the privacy of our homes, often cutting us off from places where we

used to find and forge connections with others and, simultaneously, with ourselves. As the epidemic, for now, seems to be somewhat contained and as we slowly learn to live with the virus, we can start to explore ways of connection—old and new—with others and with ourselves. How have the past months left their mark on how we feel about ourselves and in relation to others? How can we reconnect under the present circumstances? While we cannot use the touch of others, this workshop offers elements of bodywork and dance to explore these issues in order to help us build a space together in which we can seek re_connections.

While we cannot use physical touch by others at the moment, this workshop offers elements of bodywork and dance to explore these issues and help us create a space where we can create proximity and connection.

We will implement a number of hygiene rules to keep this as safe as possible for all participants. Unfortunately, this will not allow us to engage in physical touch. We invite you all to see this also as a chance to explore connections in space and movement without touch.


Jochen Kleres

Jochen dances contact and other improvisation dance, works as a sociologist and is doing a training to become a dance therapist. At the Village he is one of the facilitators of the Queer Contact Improvisation Lab & Jam/DisTanz

Steffen Taubert

Graduated psychologist, yoga teacher training in line with Sivananda .Certified in depth-psychologically based, body-oriented psychotherapy (HPG), sexual counselling (DGfS)


Saturday 11:00 - 17:00
with Jochen Kleres, Steffen TaubertLanguage EN + DE
  • Basic: 25.00 EUR
  • Member: 15.00 EUR
Payment: Payment at the venue